Are Fascism and Ethno-nationalism Mutually Exclusive?

Are Fascism and Ethno-nationalism Mutually Exclusive?

Here is a question for the political far-right:

If the heart of fascism is the belief that the nation arises from the state, but the core belief of ethno-nationalism is that successful states can only arise from a biologically homogenous nations, then how can one claim to be a fascist ethno-nationalist? How could the state have even the power, let alone the authority, to create a state if it is constrained by the very pre-existing forces that exist in nature which the fascist seeks to impose?


Personally, I find myself drifting further and further away from all politics, but for those still in those circles, it seems like a curious conundrum for the sorts of ex-libertarians seeking to establish their ethnically-homogenous free state through fascist means. It seems as if the proposed means could never work if the core belief of ethno-nationalism is true; if it could work — i.e., by constraining the state to organically-similar populations — than the fascist mode of government would be unnecessary, perhaps even weakening, since a centralized governing body is less agile, less efficient, and easier to attack than a decentralized, organic web of tribal connections.

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