The World against Davos

The World against Davos

I had the pleasure of listening to Sargon’s interview with Steve Bannon this morning.

It’s well worth listening to the full conversation, but you can get a small taste of it in this short clip:

There are, by my count, three interesting things about this interview. The first and most obvious point is that Sargon is a classical man of the left (human rights, equality), while Bannon is a classical man of the right (God, family, country). Yet despite the obvious differences in political values, the two men spent more time in laughing agreement than in stern-faced debate. This, I think, is indicative of a broader bridge between elements of the left and the right in the Western world.

I say “elements” because the second point–perhaps ironically–is that there are other elements of the left and the right who agree that both of these characters should not be listened to. Many leftists denounce Sargon as a racist and right-winger, while many establishment Republicans denounce Bannon in similar terms. Of course, neither are racists, and there is nothing objectively contentious about Bannon’s non-conservative right-wing views. That there is a sub-cultural Left-Right unity, pitted against another, more “elite” Left-Right unity, speaks to the point that Bannon and Sargon discuss.

The third point is that this interview has over 97,000 views in less than 24 hours… and by the time I hit “publish,” the number will almost certainly be higher. Sargon has over 850,000 subscribers. Compared to CNN’s 4.9 million, or MSNBC’s 1.2 million, or FOX’s 1.8 million, 850,000 may not seem like much. But from a single individual who just got started a few years ago, basically because he wanted to set the record straight about gamers (contra feminist attacks), over three-quarters of a million active subscribers is a pretty big splash. It’s half the subscriber base of MSNBC or FOX, and those are fully-staffed networks that have been around for decades.

What that means is that the alternative media has a shot, that it’s not doomed in combat against an overwhelmingly superior foe. By extension, it means that the alternative political framework, the nationalists (of the right and the left) have a chance against the “Davos man” globalists (right and left), although victory is by no means guaranteed.

Of course, the actual content itself is all very interesting as well. I highly recommend everyone give it a listen, as it is not only enjoyable and informative, but every bit as good, if not better, than the average hour of FOX or CNN.

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  1. LOL @ civic nationalism.
    Bannon (a mainstream rightist) and Sargon (a mainstream leftist) are two sides of the same shekel.

    1. On what evidence are you claiming Bannon to be a civic nationalist? Or does it ruin the stupid Jew joke?

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