You don’t need to join the Academy to explore philosophy.

Introducing Office Hours with C. B. Robertson

Long-form philosophical perspectives for exploration and living


Philosophy influences so much of our world, and yet no one knows how to talk about it.

We're surrounded by advice, comments, and inspirational quotes... but how do we know what's good, and what's meaningless garbage, or manipulation? How do we go about separating these two?

Platitudes and best practices can get us so far. But to truly understand ourselves and the world, you have to think.

To think, you need a language to better interpret our options and choose the best path.

You don’t want to get to the end of the road and feel like it was all just a waste… or worse.

From social media comments to my private messages, people are seeking depth.

I believe philosophy can give us that depth and the ability to discern what matters from what doesn’t; what is good and beautiful; what is a means to another end, or an end in itself.

I can't tell you what to believe or how to live.

But I can bring a philosophical perspective to help you figure out what to believe and how to live.

So if you...

  • Want a philosophical perspective on life, relationships, work, or other major decisions,
  • Need philosophical ammunition for and against an argument,
  • Enjoy going deeper into topics that you care about, like philosophy and the classics, without the restrictions of an academic institution

Allow me to introduce,

Office Hours with C.B. Robertson

I've studied philosophy for over 20 years, with an emphasis on religion. I’ve written books on identity, Christianity, hatred, and Homer.

Perhaps more importantly to some, I have had successful personal experience in marriage, work, and physical fitness, and bring a philosophical perspective that has been largely developed outside of academia and institutions.

To give a broader platform to the deep philosophical conversations I have in a small form in my private messages and comments sections, I’m introducing a new, more public avenue for philosophical conversation.

Email me your question, and I’ll answer.

How will Office Hours work?

First, email your question to

I’ll confirm the price estimate for the question and send the invoice (PayPal, Venmo, or other digital payment are all acceptable).

When the invoice is paid, I’ll record my response.

When the response is live, I’ll email you so you can get your answer.

Tiers and Pricing for Office Hours with C.B. Robertson

  • Instagram Story -- $5
    • I will answer your question in an Instagram story sequence (likely 3-6 individual story slides), which expire 24 hours after posting.
  • Instagram Reel -- $10
    • I will answer your question in an Instagram reel video (up to 90 seconds) which will remain for future reference.
  • YouTube Short-Form -- $30
    • I will answer your question in a longer 7-10 minute YouTube video.
  • YouTube Long-Form -- $55
    • I will go in greater depth, answering your question or exploring a subject over a 20-25 minute YouTube video.

What kinds of questions can you submit?

Philosophy is as much about asking questions as it is about answering them. Here are some examples of well-formulated questions of the kind that I can address (all of these are real questions I've received):

  • "What do you think is the best argument for Christianity and what do you think are its pitfalls?"
  • "How do I know if I'm in love?"
  • "Is absolute monarchy the best form of government?"
  • "Is it right to start a family and be with my girlfriend without getting married?"
  • "I have two teenage boys who are not exactly academic types, but they are interested in applied philosophy and social politics, even if they couldn't explain it as such. What would be a good place for them to start reading?"
  • "Do you have any explanation why right wingers enjoy American Psycho?"

Email me and submit your question!

Simply email me at to get started.


What if I have more questions following my initial topic request?

When I notify you that my content is live, I will also share a link to a quick feedback form so you can share your thoughts on what I said. It’s your chance to rebut my argument or ask follow up questions. If needed, I’ll respond again to consider your rebuttal or expand on my previous commentary. It’s not a live debate, but it’s something close.

What if I don’t like the answer you give to my question?

If you submit a question expecting philosophical ammunition for a position you’d like to defend, I hope to meet that expectation. But the greatest value of philosophy is to challenge ideas and assumptions. If you don’t “like” my answer to your question, it suggests that you did get value from my response – you found it challenging. And if that is the case, you may not like it, but you got what you paid for.

Are there any topics you won’t answer?

I chose not to be an academic so that I could speak freely and entertain arguments that traditional institutions can’t or won’t. But I’m also held to the content limitations of the platforms where I share my opinions. I may choose, at my discretion, to refrain from remarking publicly on any topic if I so choose.

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