Behold the Vampire

Behold the Vampire

Behold the Vampire
There he Goes
Appears as you or I
By day, a man,
By night, a beast;
In Darkness he comes by
If invited,
In he’ll come
To help you with some need
But once inside
Instead he’ll fix you fast
And then he’ll feed.

Behold the Vampire,
There he goes,
His victims left behind;
They have no blood,
No heart, no will,
No purpose in their mind;
Their life no longer
Theirs to live,
No reason to pursue
The true and good
Which once attained,
They’d lose and chase anew.

Behold the Vampire,
Shifting form,
Harmless to the eye,
Possessor of the blood
And body,
Bleeds his victims dry;
And look, he comes!
He smiles at you
And offers you a loan
Sign your name
With interest, look:
Your blood he now will own;

Behold the Vampire
Subtle, Proud,
Cannot see himself,
Enslaver of men
Debaucher of women,
Hoarder of Power and Wealth;
Behold the Vampire,
Living death
For him and those he takes,
If left to thrive
Then by his power
More vampires he makes;

Behold the Vampire,
Here he comes:
Repel him at all costs;
For once his fangs
Are in your neck
All hope for you is lost;
When he smiles
And speaks to you
Of power, ‘a new start,’
Take up that silver–
–and plunge it in his heart.

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