The Burn Pits

The Burn Pits

I stand among the burn-pits
Surrounded by their light
Built to test the universe
They glower day and night

I stand among the burn pits
The court that tries by fire
Where nothing is exempt from being
Thrown upon the fire

I stand among the burn pits
Where “truth” is to be learned
And sifting through the ashes
I saw everything was burned

I stand among the burn pits
And hold my head in shame–
As if true wisdom could be found
By undiscerning flame

I stand among the burn pits
But nothing more goes in
That game is not worth playing if
You must lose all to win

I see the burn pits smoldering
Their embers dim pale red,
And found my wisdom when at last
No more was to be said

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  1. Beautiful.

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