Episode 2: “Wholesome Paganism”

Episode 2: “Wholesome Paganism”

Can paganism be wholesome? In my book, Letter to Anwei, I outlined the beginnings of a religious practice centered around family and the lineage. Since then, my wife and I have been putting this idea to the test as we grow our family. Most of the paganism we might be familiar with is esoteric, dark, or occult. But could there be a practical pagan faith that is more family-friendly?

In this episode, my wife joins me to discuss:

Why paganism tends toward the black metal aesthetic

What we mean by paganism, at least insofar as our practice of it

How family-oriented paganism can still leave room for the masculine pursuit of knowledge

Resources mentioned:

Jack Donovan

Little Bear on YouTube

Little Bear on Amazon

Iron John by Marianna Mayer

Saint George and the Dragon by Margaret Hodges

Letter to Anwei by C.B. Robertson

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