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In Defense of Hatred

About IDOH

Who among us recalls the day when we were no longer allowed to hate? It was ushered in smoothly and quietly, taking pieces of our lives, our hearts, and our souls.

Slowly stealing away the parts that made life worth living.

In this book, Robertson restores the face of hatred: the cold, calculating mask of justified hatred. Reunited with its emotional partner, hatred may resume its place as the unblinking defender of everything we love.

Drawing as much from history and biology as from psychology and theology, this examination of hatred is a manifesto for the modern age.

Critical Acclaim

“This book has the potential to be timeless.”

— Augustus Invictus, Foreword Author

“This book is a short but impactful reclamation of the kind of chivalric honor that was last seen in the Greatest Generation. Illuminating the stranglehold that anti-hate haters maintain on the rest of society, he ‘takes back the word’ hate by reminding us of the other side of hate’s coin.

“At the end of the day, anyone who loves something deeply has already known the sensation of hating that love’s opposition. Robertson permits you to feel that hate again, without falling victim to misguided, blinding hatred.”

— 5 Star Amazon Reviewer

“This is the kind of book we need in this incoming post Globalist world. Something real. Something down to Earth. Something that will inspire people to get back in touch with their absolute NATURAL primal instincts.

“Most of us Americans were raised from birth to think hate is bad while too little people have step outside themselves to really ask why it is such a bad thing. Hate is needed. Hate is necessary. Hate is a spice of life. Hate stems from love, pure red blooded love.

“This book is inspiring and enlightening. You wont see reality the same way again and a hidden gene of adrenaline and an innate YES! to life will be unlocked in you that was put to sleep by all the people who aimed to keep you well behaved and synthetically “nice”.

“Grab life by the throat and go forward. It is the only one you get.”

— 5 Star Amazon Reviewer, Sefferino

“The argument summarised:

“Hatred is a response to threats to things we love. To not hate that which threatens to destroy what we love makes the concept of committed and sacrificial love cheap, if not incoherent. If we love God, we hate the devil. If we love our wives and families, we hate their potential destroyers.

“‘Anti-hate’ is just hatred directed at certain defined (quis custodiet ipsos custodes?) ideas, individuals, or groups which is enforced by a third party which often also defines the acceptable targets for hatred.

“Instantiated: the man who hates ‘haters’ so much he becomes more of a hater in turn; the idealist who will slaughter millions or reduce them to modern serfs (see: the Gulag Archipelago) in an attempt to gain (world) peace, which he values more than the people who would benefit by it.

“So to give up hatred (which Robertson defines as ‘disgust at mind’ in recognition of irreconcilable enmity, e.g. Islamism v Western liberal democracy) is to give up love.”

— Amazon Reviewer, Vagabond of Letters

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