Enjoying Joker

Enjoying Joker

I decided to do a short video on everyone’s new favorite movie to talk about. There are already hundreds of breakdowns, analyses, and comparisons out there, so instead of doing one more of those, I thought it might be better to go into what this movie really is, and how one can best appreciate it.

At the end of the day, “Joker” isn’t social commentary or political advocacy. It’s a story — and a damn good one at that. Really, it is a Greek tragedy. To fully understand and enjoy “Joker,” I think it would be better to refamiliarize yourself with the elements of storytelling and Greek tragedy than it would be to look for Antifa or callous conservativism in the characters. Such similarities undoubtedly exist, but miss the point.

As an aside, many people have pointed to similarities between “Joker” and “The King of Comedy” and “Taxi Driver.” These are intuitive because they follow similar plot lines and are all films. But to me, there are also a number of thematic similarities to Chuck Palahniuk’s own pseudo-political story Adjustment Day.

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  1. Ugh! Everything you just said, I agree 💯 %! But I did blog about the movie tho. I just couldn’t help myself. Lol

    1. Nothing wrong with commentary!

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