“This Work is Gold.”

“This Work is Gold.”

The first review for Letter to Anwei is in:

5.0 out of 5 stars Deeply Relevant and Logical

February 28, 2019
Format: Paperback

This book makes a compelling case for honoring the greater family and the identity that grows from our greater family. Robertson compellingly uses science and logic to make his case with sound inartistic and artistic proofs while connecting the material to a younger and perhaps alternative audience through his use of Maynard Keenan’s connection to the land and his winemaking heritage. To be honest, this book was so mentally stimulating and powerful that I had to stop reading half-way through to contemplate and digest. I also did a little research, reading Jordan Peterson’s “2018 Letter to the World” and reviewing some Kant. I eagerly picked up the book the next day and resumed, coming to a satisfying conclusion where our good author critically addressed the role of Christianity. This review is a little long, but the book offered a potent reading experience for a variety of reasons. To cut my review short, I will be buying copies of this book to gift my family, friends, and some acquaintances this Yule; I also plan to have some copies in storage to gift my future children and grandchildren. This work is gold.

I don’t think I could have asked for a better commendation. If the philosophy of identity (or of justice, for that matter) is of interest to you, Letter to Anwei is definitely worth a read.


In light of recent events, I am hoping to be moving away from Amazon in the future, though I am unfortunately not in a position to say exactly when that will be. I am hoping to publish the next work (a novel) with a publishing company, but more on that when I actually complete the project.

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