Heartiste Defends Hatred

Heartiste Defends Hatred

It seems that the venerable Chateau has stumbled upon my book premise (though, sadly, probably not upon the book itself):

Hate is as natural as love.

Hate in defense of that which you love is no vice.

Indiscriminate love is indistinguishable from psychosis.


“Hate gives structure to our lives…..hate is energy, pure energy, provided by mother nature herself”




the truest expression



Lest this seem like overkill, the inspirational story involves a 10-year-old boy performing (dancing (stripping?)) at a gay club.

What could go wrong.

Notice that one need not hate children to endorse or allow for such behavior. One need only be indifferent to their well-being, at least relative to one’s own social position and security. Which reiterates the point that evil is not a function of hatred, but indifference… an indifference to which love and hatred are twin cures, each requiring the other for existence.

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