In Defense of Hatred Review

In Defense of Hatred Review

A college professor recently posted a review of In Defense of Hatred, offering it as a possible critical thinking tool for students to evaluate contrarian arguments:

After rereading the book several years after purchasing it, I still think that the book lends itself valuably to the exercise of critical thinking. If offers a complex, multifaceted examination of what hatred really is, what it is not, and its true function while fairly and accurately representing and addressing opposing viewpoints. I didn’t use the book in my class, mainly because of the social climate, but I do think that it is a text that would enrich the discourse in a college level critical thinking or philosophy course, not only because it illustrates a well-thought out argument of definition and value but also because it challenges people’s assumptions and explains the importance of hatred: it is requisite, according to Robertson, for people to feel hatred if they are to truly feel love

Looking back on that book, I feel increasingly aware of my shortcomings as a writer, but I think the argument manages to stand up well despite the shortcomings of the medium through which it was communicated. If you haven’t read it yet, and enjoy contrarian arguments (or enjoy the idea that love continues in this increasingly isolated and bubble-wrapped world), it may be worth a read.

You can pick it up on Amazon. And if you have read it and enjoyed it, please leave a review sharing your thoughts about the book. It means the world to writers, and often helps give books the much-needed focus to catch the attention of other potential readers who might also enjoy them.

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