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Carl and the Lotus Eaters describe a tragic story of a married couple wherein one of the spouses “went woke”:

To me, the most ominous aspect was the way in which the wife was programmed to believe that whites (most or all of them, presumably) all sought to kill black people because they were black. She was intelligent enough to get an Ivy-league degree, yet still fall prey to this kind of programming… and then, to pass it on to an innocent child, who naively believes — as if it were just a matter of fact, like the sky being blue — that whites just want to kill blacks.

We drove by a poster that said “Ahmaud” w/ a pic of Arbery. Daughter: “Who’s that?” Wife: “That’s a black man who was killed.” My 7-yr-old daughter, now trained to think white people hate and want to kill black people like her, went straight to the inference…

“Oh, so they killed him because they hate black people?”

American Conservative

Naturally, we can infer that gays/lesbians believe something similar.

And our public school system is teaching this to millions of children (I think it is also worth considering college students among “children,” in terms of suggestibility).

These facts being what they are, in what scenario could America possibly avoid some kind of civil war?

Remember: these children are taught that white people are literally trying to kill them.

How could we expect no violence in response to a narrative of violence?

How could we expect the violence to not be organized when the instigation is perhaps the single most comprehensively organized program going on in this country?

It is funded, organized, taught, promoted, and supported nationwide, by our public schools, universities, and a variety of private institutions and news media companies.

Progressivism is politicalized oikophobia — the discomfort with or hatred of one’s home or surroundings. It is a disgust with the familiar, and the progressives look down their nose at their family, whom they feel they have seen a bit too closely to respect (all the while distracted by the latest knowledgeable news or podcast personality online…). Perhaps boredom plays a role; perhaps self-hatred, in some cases. Perhaps a genuine belief that self-criticism is a path to improvement is at work — this at least sounds plausible. But whatever the cause(s), progressivism is as inherently oikophobic as nationalism is xenophobic.

Nationalism can lead to conflict with foreign peoples on the borders between national identities, because the fear and distrust spurs protective instincts… as well as destructive instincts directed toward the foreigner.

But when a nationalistic country remains relatively isolated, it tends to remain at peace — there is no threat.

How can one keep a progressive country — motivated by both a fear and moralistic hatred of itself — from conflict?

I have been predicting Civil War since 2017 (in detail since 2018), and this is the primary reason why. Scott Adams argued that Civil War was not happening because nobody wants a civil war. Au contraire, there are at least hundreds of thousands — perhaps millions — itching for a war already, and millions are being indoctrinated — as we speak — to believe that some sort of serious action will be required for self-defense, because white people want to kill black people.

That’s what they’re teaching–successfully–to millions of young people, newly detached and looking for meaning, purpose, and identity.

Given that set-up, is there any scenario in which conflict doesn’t escalate beyond where we already are?

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  1. As our mutual friend Greg likes to predict, when CW2.0 goes hot, the first victims will be white liberals living in inner cities who completely disarmed themselves. And they’d be completely caught by surprise, thinking they are on the side of the oppressed blacks, not realizing they aren’t on anybody’s team.

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