NEW: Holy Nihilism Published

NEW: Holy Nihilism Published


Editing has been a long slog, but Holy Nihilism is now out, in eBook format as well as paperback.

As I say in the introduction, my purpose in writing this is not to evangelize against Christianity. Think of it rather as a challenge to the faith, offered up to all would-be apologists and theologians to consider and take down, if they are able.

I do not hate Christianity. And I know a thing or two about hatred. I sincerely wanted to be a Christian, and I wanted to be sincere in my faith. There are many ways to be a happy Christian and live within the culture, but my desire for an authenticity in my spirituality revealed what — to me — seems to be an irrefutable conflict between Christianity and goodness itself. It is morally and spiritually bad, and this badness is not in peripheral verses considered “problematic” in any given age’s moral zeitgeist, but rather lies at the very heart of the faith.

It is from this problem at the heart that the best and perhaps only argument in defense of Christianity fails and reverses direction, demonstrating Christianity to be false.

This is critical, because all of the moral arguments condemning Christianity as “bad” would be meaningless if beliefs central to the faith are true. But the converse — not so readily accepted — is also true: if the central beliefs are false, then “Christian morality” is not merely meaningless, but downright dangerous and destructive.

If you do buy it and read it, please feel free to leave a review on Amazon, or comment here.

It is a contentious work, but I think it might very well be the best writing I have done.


P.S. In addition, the eBooks for In Defense of Hatred and Letter to Anwei are now down from $6.49 to $4.99. So if you’re shopping for Kindle content, feel free to check those out.

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