Podcast on Christianity

Podcast on Christianity

I had the pleasure of chatting with Augustus Invictus today about Christianity — specifically, on my upcoming book attacking Christianity.

It was a great conversation which covered a fair bit of the substance of the book — gender relations, violence, “equality” in general, and the relative sincerity of different kinds of Christians — although the heavier technical philosophy (the dis-ontological argument) was left off for now. One can only cover so much in an hour.

The actual book itself has some other interesting subjects which we didn’t go over, including the relationships between Christianity and beauty, and with truth.

As a teaser, my explanation of Christianity and truth, contrasted with the real origins of truth-telling, received positive feedback from Curt Doolittle…


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  1. It was an interesting discussion. I certainly have some objections to some of the claims made, but it would probably be better to address them after having read the full book. My ears especially perked up regarding the notion of how European Christianity is supposedly paganized – do you know of any resources where I could learn more about this?

    1. Not offhand; much of it is kind of common knowledge (origins of Easter, for example). But in my opinion, this is also visible in the different “Christian” cultures in different. Christianity picks up different aesthetics and points of emphasis depending upon where it is in the world, and who it is proselytizing to. So when proselytizing to a pagan people, it is natural to see pagan traditions (Christmas trees) appropriated into supposedly Christian traditions.

      I go further than most in asserting that much European “Christian” art is actually European in nature, not Christian, on the basis of the lack of similar art and architecture in Christian but non-European nations, but that is my own belief, not something referenced.

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