Racial Hatred in DC

Racial Hatred in DC

Watch this video, and look at the kind of community bonding experience that beating up random old white people has become:

But Chris, this is a one-off! This isn’t some kind of pattern. Quit drawing sweeping generalizations!

It isn’t a one-off. It looks like a one-off because the media tries to hide this kind of thing (it might concern people). They even take people who report on it, like Collin Flaherty — a better journalist than any pundit you will see behind a desk on television — off of YouTube. Thankfully, the majority of his work is still on Amazon. For now.

How can this be happening? Isn’t race just a social construct?

Why can’t we all just get along!

Race is not a social construct. One could say that certain aspects of “racial identity” are socially constructed, but then again, all “identity” is mental, and therefore, plausibly “social,” in construction. My self-identitification as a four-limbed mammal is socially constructed. The fact that I have four limbs is not.

If this sounds pedantic, that is because it is. And also stupid. But it is this kind of thinking that brought us into our current paradigm about race, gender, and equality.

But even if race was entirely socially constructed, you could still get nasty group beatings like this.

For those who are concerned about “white supremacism,” whites can be just as bad. Consider, for example, the sorts of attacks you might have to worry about in Eastern Europe:

But I don’t live in Eastern Europe. Eastern Europeans will have to deal with their own problems, and America will have to deal with ours. For all I know, the problem may very well be the confluence or religious disagreement and vodka. People have killed for less.

But in America, we all know that race is an issue. White people have been systematically blamed for all of the problems in history, and while Hispanics and Asians will occasionally weaponize that rhetoric in an opportunistic fashion, American blacks seem to have really taken it to heart.

You can see it in that video.

If you are white, this should bother you.

You do not need to be a nationalist, or a supremacist, or any other kind of -ist in order to care that millions of your fellow countrymen hate you because of your skin color, and millions more make excuses and apologies for the more violent types because irrelevant bullshit about historical oppression and so on. If you are white in America, millions of Americans citizens wish you dead.

Or as Sam Hyde poetically put it,

Do not forget that these people want you broke, dead, your kids raped and brainwashed, and they think it’s funny.

If you do not embrace this fact, then our political climate will probably continue to baffle you. Accept this fact, and a whole lot of things will make more sense.

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  1. Horrifying stuff. I know a few of the problematic statistics in question (though not so much eastern europe), but seeing the acts themselves really makes the issues seem much more pressing.

    In regards to you mentioning the very possibility of amazon’s (and other platforms) memory holing of dissident books, I was wondering if you have any recommendations for books which one should get ones hands on before they are wiped off the face of the earth by the deep state.

    1. Depends on your interests, of course. Most of the books I love the most aren’t in any danger (the Iliad), but I found Kevin MacDonald’s book “Culture of Critique” pretty interesting and a serious work. In the fiction department, I enjoyed Palahniuk’s latest (“Adjustment Day”), which might possibly come under fire too. And of course, Vox Day’s stuff is great reading, especially “SJWs Always Lie/Double Down,” and “Cuckservative.”

      There are always my books too 😉 though I suspect I’m not a big enough person to really come under fire.

      1. I am definitely on the lookout for the hardcover trilogy of Culture of Critique. As for your books, I already have them 🙂

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