A Four-Minute Vision of the Future

A Four-Minute Vision of the Future

If you haven’t followed the story of Dankula, this neatly sums up what happened:

This is where all the virtue-signaling, the centralized control, the philosophically-ignorant moralizing, and the fetishization of feelings leads. This is where it must inevitably lead, because any humane system of interpretation the meaning and intent of a speaker won’t fit into an objective “system,” and if such an interpretation is allowed for in a centralized system (as with universities), then it will be used tyrannically and selectively to punish enemies while letting political allies get off free.

Keep your head down, and maybe they’ll ignore you. Just don’t say anything funny or interesting, and perhaps they’ll pass you over and hit your friend instead. This may be true, but in my opinion, such a country wouldn’t be worth living in. And if they do eventually come for you — despite you having done “nothing wrong,” never having stood up for freedom against the tyrants of tolerance — then you will get zero sympathy from me. The first circle of hell is reserved for fence-sitters.

If Marcus Meechan’s situation seems unjust, but you have been a supporter of “tolerance” and “diversity,” of “social justice,” perhaps it’s time to take a long, hard look at your political values and allegiances, and maybe look at them more critically, with an eye on their results.

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