Are Traditional Wives Submissive?

Are Traditional Wives Submissive?

Varg offers an alternative account of the ideal wife to that proposed by many young, and especially Christian, “traditionalists”:

As you know, ordinary Christians, as well as the, you know, “Indo-European Catholic-Hindu Warriors of the Light,” they want women to be dominated by men. They want them to be silent and do what the men want them to. And they think that is the definition of traditional women. But if you look at this from a biological perspective, from an evolutionary perspective, what are they actually achieving, if indeed they achieve to have such marriages?

So they want a servile slave, willing to submit to them… and I’m a little bit surprised because some of these guys are also so-called “racists.” They have a kind of biological world-view, don’t they? And if they do, don’t they understand that if you have a servile, slave-minded wife, your children — at best — they will be like half-servile, slave-like? Kneeling?

A while ago, I tried to come up with complimentary feminine virtues to Jack Donovan’s four tactical masculine virtues, plus creativity. In the end, I came up with:

  1. Beauty
  2. Obedience
  3. Compassion
  4. Faithfulness

I strongly regret using the extremely imprecise word “obedience,” especially given the explanatory description I had written for it:

Obedience does not mean to quietly and submissively do whatever you’re told, never speaking your mind. It means being a willing recipient of the protection provided to you. Women need protection when they are pregnant or have young children, and women who refuse the protection offered to them are poor investments for men because they are not likely to survive. It is the counterpart to male courage.

The more appropriate word here would be graciousness. Varg is absolutely correct that traditional women were masters of the home, who were intelligent, wise, and not obedient and submissive slaves.

But speaking for myself, this isn’t merely about history or biology. The fifth female virtue — and the counterpart to male creativity — was my wife’s contribution: attentiveness. She identified this virtue and correlated it with male creativity without having seen Jack’s presentation on the subject. It was based solely on her own experiences.

For guys who enjoy thinking and writing about difficult subjects, there is no substitute for a wife who is someone with whom you can speak as equals. An overly submissive (or dominant) spouse seems like a recipe for marital loneliness.

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  1. Strongly considering making “Indo-European Catholic-Hindu Warrior of the Light” my new facebook bio

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