Video of the Day: KillDozer

Video of the Day: KillDozer

The immortal Dankula, tamer of pugs, has given us probably the most comprehensive and entertaining presentation yet of the story of Marvin Heemeyer — denizen of Colorado, victim of corporate abuse, and angel of divine retribution:

I actually didn’t know that there was video footage of the killdozer incident itself. Having heard the story many times before, it made the shots all the more gratifying to actually see.

An aside: is it just me, or is there something uncannily similar to drawing and quartering (of the kind done to William Wallace) in the way that the authorities dismantled and separated the bits of the bulldozer for scrap? Wallace’s remains were, supposedly, cut up and sent to the four corners of the English kingdom in order to prevent a proper burial, and the way in which the killdozer’s remnants were separated out before being scrapped bears the strange appearance of trying to prevent people from remembering this incident, or from thinking about it too much… which seems absolutely idiotic, from the perspective of a governing authority. Heemeyer had never heard of a killdozer before he built one, and it would be less poetic for someone who hadn’t been wronged by a concrete manufacturer to use concrete as an ingredient in their vengeance. If anyone should remember this incident — erect statues to its memory and inscribe its story in every civics textbook — it should be the authorities themselves.

After all, they’re the ones who will be bulldozed if they push their people too far.


You can listen to all of Heemeyer’s recordings here.

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