The 100 Year March

The 100 Year March

Stefan Molyneux has released a documentary about freedom in Poland:

Perhaps the most important takeaway for American viewers is that the United States is no longer the land of the free and the home of the brave. Not only are other nations achieving more freedom through greater bravery than us, but we have quite significantly lost a fair bit of the freedoms we once had. In fact, the United States is swiftly approaching what we might call “second-world status.” In terms of free speech, protection under the law (equal or otherwise), honesty in the press, trustworthy infrastructure, and even internet speed.

I submit that these things are not unrelated to each other, in absentia or in presence. They are on the rise in Poland as a result of a particular ethos, just as they are on the decline in the United States, as the result of a different ethos.

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