Razörfist Spells it Out

Razörfist Spells it Out

Razörfist breaks character to explore his own dread over Sargon getting kicked off Patreon — the shape of things to come made all the more assured because there is no “plan” that can be thwarted:

There’s no conspiracy at all. What you’re witnessing is, rather ironically, the same ‘in-group preference’ the left decry in nationalists of all stripes, both white and otherwise. It’s programmed into the totality of our being, you know. Baked in by thousands of years of evolution. As inexorable and inescapable as mankind’s tendency towards organization in the absence of order. The morbid truth here is simple: there’s no conspiracy because they don’t need a conspiracy. What you are witnessing at present is a cloistered cabal of tech elites operating out of a self-preservation instinct so human, so primal, their every attempt to rationalize their censorious actions no matter how much mental twister may be required to justify the means, is automatically ratified by a satisfactory result.

For those who think that the Yellow Vest protests in France are bad, they are going to be comparatively mild compared to what the U.S. is in for. Razörfist’s sense of dread is over the violence that his lizard-brain knows is coming, along with the general complacency of the rest of the public as we all move collectively ever closer to the cliff.

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