New: Letter to Anwei

New: Letter to Anwei

Update: Now out in paperback.

It’s finally out! About two weeks after I’d hoped to release it, but my editor is top-quality, and my writing was not up to standard at the end of August. It should be now. I have heard from basically every person who looked at the early drafts that Letter to Anwei is better-written than In Defense of Hatred, and a few believed it to be more interesting as well. Ultimately, of course, that is for you to decide.

Speaking of In Defense of Hatred, the price is down to $9.99 for a little while, just in case new readers are interested in picking that up with Letter to Anwei.

You can listen to chapter one on YouTube to get a sense of the content. In my own opinion, chapter two is really the most interesting one (death and suicide), while chapters five and six are the most politically relevant (taking down John Rawls).

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